About Us

The ZipBy Difference

At ZipBy, we recognized the frustration that comes with parking – the time wasted, the inconvenience, and the safety concerns. That’s why we set out to create the ultimate solution: ZipBy, the “Frictionless Parking” app.

With ZipBy, we’re here to make your busy day smoother. No more reaching for paper tickets or taking your eyes off the road. ZipBy is about making your parking experience effortless and safe for both drivers and pedestrians.

Our Reach:

You’ll find ZipBy technology in a wide range of locations, from universities and hospitals to shopping centers and airports. Look for the ZipBy branding at the entrance of each location.

Join us in embracing the future of parking – the ZipBy way.

Our Mission Statement

ZipBy Ticketless Parking’s mission is to revolutionize parking with technology. We simplify the process, enhance convenience, improve efficiency, promote sustainability, support communities, and prioritize security. We aim to create a future where parking is seamless, eco-friendly, and beneficial for all.

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