Digital Permits

Digital Permits


Permit types

Permanent parkers
Transient parkers
Staff parkers
Monthly parkers
Early bird parkers
Disability parkers

ZipBy PermPark digital permits are the next generation of account-based parking module to manage frequent parkers, employees and casual parkers.

ZipBy PermPark allows customers seamless entry and exit with multiple access control methods such as ZipBy app, LPR and swipe card.

Secure and fast payment is enabled through the ZipBy payment gateway with all major cards are accepted.

A fully featured account management portal allows customers to configure access, send email notifications, access customer details, transaction and movement reports.

Create different types of products and services with pricing management and provide membership customers with special offers and incentives for parking.

ZipBy’s digital permits revolutionize the parking experience for both drivers and parking operators. Say goodbye to the hassle of physical permits and welcome a seamless, tech-driven solution.

Benefits for Drivers

Convenience: No more fumbling for paper permits. With ZipBy, drivers can access their digital permits instantly via their smartphones, eliminating the need for physical passes.

Flexibility: Easily manage and renew permits online, ensuring that parking is always hassle-free. No more worrying about expired permits or missing renewal deadlines.

Cost-Efficiency: Digital permits reduce the environmental footprint associated with physical permits. Plus, drivers save money on printing and replacement fees.


Benefits for Parking Operators

Efficiency: Streamline the permit issuance process with ZipBy’s automated system. Reduce administrative overhead and free up staff for more critical tasks.

Accuracy: Digital permits reduce the risk of fraudulent or counterfeit passes. The secure technology ensures that only authorized users can access parking facilities.

Data Insights: Gain valuable insights into permit usage and occupancy rates with ZipBy’s analytics tools. Make informed decisions to optimize parking operations.

In a world where digital solutions are transforming every industry, ZipBy’s digital permits make parking simpler, greener, and more efficient for all parties involved. Say hello to the future of parking with ZipBy.

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