[Press Release] – ZipBy comes to World Square

In a bid to transform the parking experience for visitors at World Square, ZipBy proudly announces the launch of their innovative ticketless parking service. World Square customers can now seamlessly prebook their parking spots online via the ZipBy app or via the web, unlocking substantial savings and an effortless entry and exit process at World Square’s bustling car park.

World Square, one of Sydney’s vibrant shopping, dining, residential, and commercial hub, now offers an enhanced and convenient parking solution, courtesy of ZipBy. This groundbreaking service aims to streamline the parking experience, eliminating the hassle of traditional ticket systems.

ZipBy has strategically implemented cutting-edge equipment across 11 lanes within the World Square car park, allowing drivers to access the premises and exit with unprecedented ease using either the ZipBy mobile app or a simple QR code.

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Press Release ZipBy at World Square Sydney 9 Nov 2023