[Press Release] – ZipBy launches multiple sites in Vancouver with EasyPark

ZipBy and EasyPark partnered to introduce automatic payment and gate entry parking at four gated facilities in and around downtown Vancouver. The lots include:

• Lot 9 at CF Pacific Centre
• Lot 27 at Library Square
• Lot 19 at 900 West Cordova St
• Lot 43 at 1201 West Georgia St

With ZipBy’s technology, drivers can enter the parking lots through the app and exit automatically without the need to touch their cellphone or wind down the window. If there is a parking fee, it is charged to their credit card, and a receipt is emailed to them, eliminating the need to wait in line at the pay station.

Click link below to view press release.

Press Release ZipBy EasyPark 31 Oct 2023