[Press Release] – ZipBy in partnership with EasyPark, donating $3,687.00 to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank

ZipBy, a global leader in parking technology, today announced that in partnership with EasyPark, they are donating $3,687.00 to the Vancouver Food Bank, which was raised by a community give-back program to donate $1 from every parking transaction made through the ZipBy mobile app to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. 

The promotion ran through the holiday period from December 15th through February 2nd,.   The promotion was the brainchild of Shirley Rodriguez, President of ZipBy.  “The promotion was done in conjunction with the launching of the ZipBy app in Vancouver with EasyPark.  Whenever we launch into a market, we look for ways to support the community, we simply asked EasyPark who needed the support the most in Vancouver, and they quickly said the Vancouver Food Bank.”  Said Shirly.   “We are happy with the launch and the success of the fundraising and appreciate the people in Vancouver who supported this initiative, we will likely do another program later this year.”

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