[Press Release] – ZipBy launches automatic gated off-street site at Lot 19 EasyPark in Vancouver

ZipBy and EasyPark have collaborated to launch automatic payment and gate entry parking at Lot 19 @ 900 West Cordova St, Vancouver BC, Canada. ZipBy’s technology enables drivers to enter the parking lot through the app and exit automatically without the need to touch their cellphone or wind down the window. If there is a parking fee it is charged to their credit card, and a receipt is emailed to them, eliminating the need to wait in line at the pay station.

“The benefits of this partnership are numerous: a faster and easier user experience, increased turnover with reduced queuing, savings on administration, hardware, and consumer costs, and 100% revenue capture.” Says ZipBy President Shirley Rodriguez. “As a leader in parking technology, ZipBy has already been offering drivers at Harvard University in Boston, and Grant MacEwan University in Alberta this same ticketless, wireless Bluetooth experience. With this latest launch, drivers in Vancouver can now have the same option, we are pleased that EasyPark are the first to launch in Vancouver.”

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